Namso-Gen is one Credit Card Generator you can trust blindly. It develops different cards depending on the customer's BIN. Ecommerce and Payment Gateway are just a few sites that Namso-gen can proudly boast of. We function on the LUNH design which gets you an irregular inaugurated card numbers that will never be found in the system. This makes the unauthorized use of the cards nearly an impractical task. For the uninitiated, the LUNH design is a code that is needed to confirm several recognized numbers. Some of those used in our daily lives are Social Security Numbers, Credit, and Debit Card numbers, etc. Namso-Gen stringently defies every criminal activity across the globe and honors the law made by every country. Informing the nation on being safe from Online frauds is our constant endeavor. Most of the FAQs are found in the “About Us” section. However, if you do wish to get more clarifications, please feel free to “Contact Us” directly

Is Namso-Gen Illegitimate?

Namso-Gen can never be considered an illegitimate company as the cards produced here are only made for experimental purposes. The sole reason here is to assist society in a miniscule way, thus making the hard work done by a human a wee bit simpler. The cards made by Namso-Gen ensure they do not compromise the safety of any human or company. Using the Namso-Gen cards is useless as nothing can be bought by them. They have no accounts that the cards are connected to. These cards are only used for testing purposes. Those using our cards are always asked to use the cards they have always used for real-life situations. Please go thru our “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” page for the constitutional formalities of our company

The meaning of a CC generator

The full form of a “CC generator” is a “Credit Card Generator” built by companies like Namso-Gen. Companies like ours are used by the IT sectors of various credit and debit card companies. We help these finance companies evaluate numerous payment faults done thru numerous testing methods. We get uncommon digital credit and debit cards from various companies. The sole reason for using these generator cards is so the IT and security department can test these cards before the real cards go out in the market. For further queries, please visit our “Tips” link on the Namso-Gen website 

What Is a BIN?

In the financial world, BIN stands for “Bank Identification Number” or “Issuer Identification Number”. The authentic BIN will help you classify the name of the bank giving the card. This becomes extremely useful in averting virtual frauds thru different online sites. The BIN is normally found as the first six digits on every credit or debit card. This important information is found on the “Knowledge Base” on the Namso-Gen website

Does Namso-Gen have a substitute?

As of today, Namso-Gen does not have a substitute. There have been several competitors but nothing like Namso-Gen. In fact, for the sake of the credit card company, we do not even advocate comparing the services of Namso-Gen with any other Credit Card Generator company. We take pride in using transparent coordination with clear hookups to relevant assets. Namso-Gen is accessible and secure to us. Namso-Gen will never acquire relevant data from any individual or company. Unlike Namso-Gen, other Credit Card Generator companies may have numerous accidental Credit Card numbers acquired thru the BIN. This characteristic ensures Namso-Gen is a foolproof card generator that cannot be taken over by any other substitute.

Do the card generators truly make a difference?

Yes, they do however, all cards made by Namso-Gen need to be used only for analysis. Anytime the cards are used for any other purposes besides analysis, the card will rarely work. This may also lead to damage to you as an individual or the company that you acquire or work for. For this, Namso-Gen does not hold any liability.

Different ways to use Namsoccgen

Let's begin by clarifying that Namso-Gen and Namsoccgen are the same company. This is a credit card generator thru which credit cards can be produced. To get the credit cards, a person has to feed the six-digit BIN in the appropriate order. They, then have to click on produce random credit cards. Various BINs can easily be seen on different websites. Trying to make our website error-free is our continuous endeavor and for this, we require your constant help.


The cards of Namso-Gen do not hold any money or business jurisdiction. These cards can only be used for examination and authentication reasons. Many use these cards to safeguard their original card and bank information as the credit card information may be accessible all over the virtual world. We do not do anything illegal here and our credit cards are safe to use.